Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's Purple Day

To make this easier since I've got a grumpy internet connection, I'm going to link you to Nail Narcotics! which is who I learned about Purple Day from.

Today's version of purple for me is LynB Designs polish, featuring Eloquent Dust at 2 coats on accent nail, Melody Malone AKA River Song as my purple nails also 2 coats, and The Silence as a topper at 1 coat that was mostly brushed with minor dabbing to fill in odd spots. 

Base coat and first top coat is NPB Glitter Food, glossy top coat is very thinned Seche Vite.  The SV is agreeing again, so I'm giving it another trial.

Just the one picture today, sorry!  Eloquent Dust is looking very green and poor River Song is looking pale, but they are very gray and purple IRL.  The Silence adds a fun dose of sparkly to both. 

I've got a TON of LynB Designs polish, and have had very little problems with them, short of the fact it's been nasty cold here at times and they act wonky if too cold, but every polish I have does that.  Jenna is a dream to work with, and her polishes apply smooth as butter for me, with no flooding or major problems.

Yes, my nails are VERY short right now.  They just weren't happy post gel attempt, and I whacked them off.  As you can see from my YEARS of nail biting, the nail beds are really low, and I do have some free edge on all nails. 

*disclaimer - I bought this polish.  Review is my opinion and based on my experience.*

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