Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Geek Side to Faux Zoya Remove+

Hey, I admit, I'm a geek.  Acetone is rather drying, but it works so well!  Zoya Remove+ adds glycerin, which negates the drying.  But it SMELLS.  To me, it reeks of chemical sweetner, chemical flowers and the typical Zoya smell to me of WET DOG. 

Loodie did the breakdown on how to make Faux Remove+.  Pretty easy to follow along.  I'm just posting some of my own geekery and math.  Loodie did the geek stuff really well however to start.

For prices, I'm rounding up because I'm lazy like that.

The basic starting point from Loodie's recipe is (high end of the glycerin) is 200 ml acetone need ~30 ml glycerin.  If you do some math - or cheat and use the internet like me - 128 ounces of acetone needs ~19 ounces glycerin.

Acetone first.  I use it.  A lot.  So why bother with the small bottle.  Go to your nearest hardware store.  They sell it.  My brand is called Klean Strip, a gallon is $19.99.  I had a 20% off deal, so yeah doggies, $15.99.  A gallon is 128 ounces.

Glycerin next.  I don't know why, but this was a nasty little bugger to find.  CVS is where I found mine after a week of hunting.  Which was a good thing, as it was buy 1, get 1 50% off.  So I bought 8 bottles.  Because that was what they had out on the shelf.  Regular price was $3.79, half off was $1.90.  Glycerin comes in 6 ounce bottles.  For 18 ounces of glycerin, 6 bottles at the buy 1, get 1 50% winds up being $17.07, which divided in half becomes $8.54.

Distilled water.  I just have it around.  It's $3.50 a gallon, which winds up being $0.03 per ounce.  I wound up using 6 ounces.  So for my little amount here, I'm spending $0.18.

For a grand total of  $24.71.  Keep that in mind.

Now my fun mixing....

I keep the acetone in it's metal tin.  It doesn't evaporate at all and it's all but impossible to spill once you seal the top again.  It's also near impossible to open, so get a flat screwdriver - NOT YOUR NAILS! - and pop the seal. 

Now, in the tin is 128 ounces of acetone.  But I need room to add the glycerin and water.  So, my evil little mind poured off some acetone.  28 ounces to be exact.  It gave me some room to play with.  So now I have 100 ounces of acetone.  If you want, you can only pour off 24 ounces.  Whatever makes you happy.

Pour in 18 ounces - or 3 bottles - of glycerin.  Pour in 6 ounces - or 1 refilled glycerin bottle - of distilled water.

Reseal the top.

Shake the devil out of it. 

Shake it some more.

Shake it like a Polaroid picture.

Yeah, ok, that was stupid.

For me, those amounts happily went into solution and stayed in solution.  You may have different amounts needed, usually more water.  Which is why I left the extra 4 ounces out, because I had room to add water if needed.

You now have 124 ounces of Faux Zoya Remove+.

For $24.71!!!

Zoya Remove+ is $25 for 32 ounces. I have no clue on how much the shipping would add up to, but I'll leave it off to make up for not having pretty remover.

So I have an equally effective product and I have 92 ounces extra. If I leave the extra 4 ounces of acetone in, I have 4 bottles for the price of 1.

Not only am I a geek, I'm a CHEAP geek. 

AND, yeah doggies, NO WET DOG SMELL!!!!! 

Yup, me happies!

But the other side

Hrm, my nails are kinda greasy or sticky with this vs Zoya Remove+

Simple.  I have more glycerin in my solution than Zoya Remove+

Zoya Remove+ lists glycerin AFTER water.  There is more water than glycerin in there.

I have more glycerin than water.  Thus, yeah, I have something on my fingers post polish removal. 

However, it's not a big deal.  Because now I have to seal my nail plate, wash my hands, push at my cuticles, remove them if needed, wash my hands, apply cuticle oil, let it sit, wash my hands, wipe them with alcohol THEN apply polish.  The excess glycerin is long gone.

Add in, when I'm doing my clean up, my cuticles are very happy with the glycerin amount.

Thus, I'm not going to further geek myself out by figuring what the exact amounts are.   Have fun if you want to.  Start with equal amount of both.

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