Monday, March 18, 2013

Rainbow Of Who

A friend online was wondering about what nail skittles were.  Skittles being the candy are the Rainbow of Happy.  In my world, skittles being the nails are a Rainbow of Evil - which makes ME happy.  So, without further blathering, onto a pretty dang geeky skittle!

Nail Pattern Boldness not only makes my beloved Glitter Food, but she makes REALLY pretty colors and glitter bombs!  Adding to that joy, she's got a Doctor Who set of 6 beautiful Who themed polishes.  I'm showing the five jelly/crellys today.  Poor Allons-Y will have to wait for another post, but he is beautiful also.

Base coat is my new usual of NPB's Glitter Food, 2-3 coats of color, Glitter Food topper, Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry for glossy top coat. 

Here's the 5 who are being my pretty, pretty Skittles today!

Here's my "grape" skittle - Bigger On The Inside
It's a TARDIS blue jelly with silver and blue microglitters.  Very pretty, very sparkly wonderful.  2 coats.

Here's my "lime" skittle - Slow Invasion
It's a teal jelly with about every color of square glitter jammed in the bottle.  It's great, I love it.  3 coats, some slight VNL but it's a jelly and it likes being jelly.  Similar coverage to Hello, Sweetie and A Good Man Goes To War.

Here's my "lemon" skittle - Oodiful
Oodiful is oodiful.  What's not to love about an Ood or an Oodiful polish? 
It's a gray jelly that leans crelly for me with some white and pink matte glitters.  A lot lighter on the glitters than the rest of this collection, but it just fits with the Ood.  3 coats, mostly as my VNL loves to show up when it shouldn't.  2 coats would probably be fine for most.

Here's my "orange" skittle - Hello, Sweetie
I love me some River Song, I'll just put that out there. 
This is a purple/magenta jelly with red, black and copper glitters.  Similar coverage to Slow Invasion and A Good Man Goes To War, 3 coats here, slight VNL.

And here's the final skittle, the "strawberry" skittle - A Good Man Goes To War
This is a VERY red jelly with tiny black glitters, some square black glitters, and some metallic red and copper glitters.  Similar coverage to Slow Invasion and Hello, Sweetie, 3 coats again, slight VNL.

This is the only polish in the group that stained my nails, and it did so very well when I first wore it.  It doesn't bother me given as my nails are perma-stained from my love of dark nail polish.  But if it bothers you, you may not love this polish as much as I do.

Here's the skittled Rainbow of Who that isn't quite my usual Rainbow of Evil.

There isn't a polish in this collection that I don't love.  But if I have to pick favorites, Oodiful is way up there at number 1.  Or maybe Bigger On The Inside.  Those two are 1 and 2, they just are still fighting over who is 1 and who is 2. 

*disclaimer - I bought these polishes.  Review is my opinion and based on my experience.*

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  1. I totally dig the skittles. Also dig that they are indie polishes. I need more indies.