Saturday, March 16, 2013

More Ruby White Tips

Yes, I have other brands of polish.  I'm just being lazy.  It's my bloggity blog, so I can be lazy.

Ruby White Tips has a really awesome Kill Bill collection.  You got a peek of Exploding Hearts yesterday, so I have a single (craptastical) picture of two more of the collection.  Mr Camera, you best get to agreeing with Mr Computer or we will have a war....

RWT P Wagon is a really freaking awesome duo!  It's pink to gray, eeeepy squeaky of awesome!  It shows kind of purple sometimes to me, sometimes olive, and sometimes gold/coppery.  It's VERY different over some undies, which is how most of swatches are shown of this.  A friend wanted to see this on it's own, so 3 coats of pretty duo and it's nearly perfection.  Slight VNL in real life, but my nails are prone to it. 

RWT The Sword is a duo with scattered holo.  Yummy yummy!  With no undies, it's never going to be opaque, but it's pretty anyway!  Blue to lilac with some green to me, plus the scattered oh so pretty holos. 3 coats because there is no such thing as too much holo.  RWT's scattered holos are a bit hungry, not as bad as some, but they enjoy GF top or two coats of a thick top coat. 

NPB Glitter Food is filling the role of base coat still.  I might get a little more lift on my edges if I'm not careful about clean up vs China Glaze Strong Adhesion, but seeing as I change polish more often than not, it's not a huge concern.  Add in, my nails love to spit polish off anyway.  GF under duos, holos and glitters makes everything just go on smooooooooooooth.  No streaking, no bald spots.  I love it.  I adore it.  It's perfection in a bottle. 

Just the one picture today, sorry!

So GF base, P Wagon, The Sword as accent, GF top coat, Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat.  I like it, little sedate for my usual polish, but I can pretend to be an adult some days.

*disclaimer - I bought these polishes.  Review is my opinion and based on my experience.*

And I may get around to wearing another indie one of these days....

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