Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Purple Polish Time!

See, I really do worship other indie polishes!

Today's fun is Digital Nails in two of her Adventure Time polishes. 

First up is Sorry I'm Not Made Of Sugar, a polish for Marceline.  This is a lovely grape jelly with tiny black hex glitters, black holo hex glitters and the most lovely of all sparkly Spectraflair!  It's mostly cloudy here, so I can't get good holo pictures, but this polish is full of holo wonderful goodness.  3 coats, slight VNL. 

How can you NOT love this purple goodness?

 Next up is Oh My Glob, a LSP polish.  Yes, this is so wonderful!  This is glitter, glitter and more glitter. Lots of purple glitters, some charcoal glitters, and a whole bunch more.  This is *eep* 5 coats of glitter, so I'm willing to bet it'll be a great time to remove.  But, I LIKE the glitter and I didn't like any undies under this, so pain in the neck removal it is.  Yes, I know the PVA base coat idea, but my nails are peel prone anyway so it's not for me.  At 5 coats, this stuff gobbles top coat like mad and needed 2 coats of Glitter Food to mostly behave, it's still a little well, LUMPY.  Yeah, I had to do that.  Sorry.

This is just great on it's own.  I love it this way. 

See how pretty they are together?  Lilac glitterfest with grape jelly holo yummyness.

Yup, it kind of matches grape soda.  Sort of.  It looks cool anyway. 

But more important, it matches my favorite sweater!

NPB Glitter Food as base coat and top coat, Sally Hansen's Insta Dry for glossy top coat, as is my new normal.

*disclaimer - I bought these polishes.  Review is my opinion and based on my experience.*

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